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Salt 101

MRI and Imaging of West Paces

People take great images of the innards of just about anything we ask them to, and should you need an MRI, they probably take them of people too.

Range Kleen

If you've misplaced the broiler pan that came with your oven, you can buy a brand spanking new one here.

International Foodcraft

Every kind of color you need


You're not still using plastic bags are you? If so, check out Ecobags for sturdy, long-lasting, earth friendly bags you can use over and over. And they can be laundered by hand and air-dried, so they have an impressive lifespan.

Sunburst Trout Company

Sally Eason carries on her family's tradition of raising healthy, environmentally friendly, susutainable trout. Freshest, best tasting trout we've tried.

Saint Mark United Methodist Church

When we needed to make thousands of pancakes for our 10th Anniversary show, St. Mark United Methodist Church in Midtown Atlanta, opened their kitchen doors to us and didn't blink an eye when we practiced our 10-ft tower-o-cakes in their fellowship hall

Miedema Produce

Some of the finest parsnips in the country, and they grow radishes too! Contact them to find out where you can get them in your town.

Southern Foodways Alliance

If you are a lover of all foods southern, make your way to this website.  They are a great source of information as well as good eatin’.

The Cheese Works

Whether it’s really good tuna or olive oil, these folks can get it all!


Makers of some of the finest ‘heat meters’ around.

Wicked Good Charcoal

The only 100% all-natural charcoal briquettes we could find.

Artisan Faux Finishes

You are very familiar with the works of Kathleen Denson, you just didn't know it. Her works are all over the Good Eats set and have been for a good while. And our offices - tons of Denson originals. Check out her paintings, her murals, her faux finishes - when we need creative stuff, we call Kat.

Bird Soap Dispenser

Our frequent viewers have been searching for the bird soap dispenser seen in the Good Eats kitchen, and so have we. The retailer where we got ours years ago doesn't have them, we couldn't find them... til today. Tip of the hat to Paul for locating a link, but act fast. Seems they are going out of production. Soap up, friends.


Is everyone looking for new eyeglasses these days? An awful lot of people ask AB where his come from, so here's the info; l.a.Eyeworks. They ship the frames to him, and he takes them to his local optometrist/optician to fit the prescription lenses. Then he puts them on his face and looks at the world ... differently.

Superior Flight School

I’ve spent most of my spare time this year learning how to fly. To say that I’m obsessed with aviation is an understatement. Although I haven’t secured my license as of yet (studying for that written takes a bit more time than I’ve had to spare) I’m racking up the hours and journeying to many adventure-packed destinations like MDW, MEM, RYY, and CLT. My training is all through Superior Flight School in Kennesaw, GA and if you’re got a mind to take to the skies you might consider doing the same.

Deb Duchon - Nutritional Anthropologist

Deb's is a familiar face to all who watch Good Eats - she's our reigning resource on all things edibly anthropological, from marshmallows to gin to grits - there is no food group outside her ken.

BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta

While these guys may not have the best coffee in Atlanta, they get the Oscar in motorcycles, and that's why we go there. And we also appreciate all the help, info and support they've given in prepping for Feasting on Asphalt 2.

Cable in the Classroom

These guys work in partnership with the cable TV industry to make educational content available to schools, and holy smokes - they picked Good Eats as one of their science offerings. If you are a teacher, or even if you simply have a student in your family, check 'em out, they're doing some good things these days.

Batdorf and Bronson

A local coffee roaster who took time to show us around their roasting facility and provide us with some outstanding beans for testing and tasting. Their Dancing Goats blend is great stuff.

The Spice House

For your flavoring needs and questions - The Spice House not only stocks a variety of quality herbs and spices, they also have a very knowledgeable and helpful staff.


For camping, grilling, cooking - Lodge has a great selection of cast-iron products.

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