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Speech! Speech!
When he's not writing shows, hosting shows, thinking up new shows, AB can often be found at the lectern for various events, lectures and meetings - stuff like emcee-ing Emmy Awards, the IACP or the Pillsbury Bake-Off, chatting up with a bunch of scientists at the Institute of Food Technologists, or waxing philosophical at the Smithsonian. For speaking engagements, contact the William Morris Agency, New York, NY

Press Releases

Alton Brown Creates Fun and Trusty Culinary Devices

AB in the News

Food Network Magazine, November 2009
Food Network Magazine folks came for a visit at the studio while AB was busy shooting Good Eats - here's a peek behind the curtain at the test kitchen and other parts of the Hive.
Good Eats: Behind the Scenes

Food Network Magazine, November 2009It being the Thanksgiving issue and all, Food Network asked Alton for a fav side dish recipe:
All-Star Thanksgiving Sides

Family Circle Magazine, November 2009
It's hard to beat AB's biscuits, as Family Circle discovered:
Southern Biscuits

Local Boy Makes Good - the Atlanta Journal Constitution came over to the studio while Good Eats production was in progress and shot some cool pics of AB with a giant foam rubber knife prop and chatted up about life, creativity, food and how they all interconnect.

Atlanta Magazine, April 2007
A cover & feature story on AB -- the up-close-and-personal back story, lessons learned the hard way, the early days of Good Eats, up to present day plans and dreams.

Rider Magazine
March 2007 issue covered AB's east-to-west trek for Feasting on Asphalt last spring, with photos.

Eliminate shopping headaches, just give a couple of goats ... AB's solution to holiday gift-giving quandaries.
> Heifer International

Alton Brown Explores the history of eating on the move. Limited Series Premieres July 29 at 9 PM ET/PT on Food Network.
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New York Times
Zen on Hot Asphalt for a Biker on Business
Published: June 13, 2006
I WOULD rather ride my motorcycle for a business trip than fly — and I often do.
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Scripps Howard News Service
Searching for authentic 'road food' in a fast-food culture
12-JUN-06, MEXICAN HAT, Utah -- A fire crackles softly beneath an outdoor grill, and the faint scent of burning juniper wood hangs in the air as evening settles in over the desert.
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Alton Brown Bio

What makes Alton the way he is ...wouldn't we all like to know. Here's a brief bio to help explain the madness.
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